RPG A Day: Day 27

This one is an odd little question but lets see where it takes us.

Mash Up words
Mash Up eh?

Day 27: Favourite Idea for Merging Two Games Into One


Let us turn two games into one.  Certainly a thought that many of us have had over the time we have been gaming.  Deadlands is a prime example of someone saying “Heck, I love a good Western game!” and someone else going “But I love zombies!”

So, where does my heart lie?  If I could take any game system and ram it together with another one what would the mix be?  It is going to have to be a treatment on one of the sci-fi games that I have on the shelf, but which one?  Traveller, Numenera, Eclipse Phase, Farscape or Star Wars?  Then, once I choose that, what treatment do I hit it with – science fiction and what?  I have to say that the Cypher System and the FATE system have really thrown away my need to do mash-ups, I’ll just implement it directly into the system.

The sci-fi system has to have psionics and thus this leaves me with Star Wars and Traveller.  I like the Force over just the plain psionics so it looks like I have narrowed it down to the one for the science fiction side of things.  But how is this going to be exciting and new?  What game wants to take this on to make everything different.  Everything.  And you know what, I have an idea…

Splice swci-fi with sci-fi.  Take Star Wars, the original space opera and make the denizens of that world face the realities of a new civilisation.  A civilisation that has been built along a completely different angle.  It is the world of Eclipse Phase.  The Jedi seek the boundaries of the universe and they find life that is not true life.  Their miti-chlorides are no longer a true factor for involvement in life as trans-humanism has evolved the species.  How would the remnants of the Empire handle such an evolution.  I can picture a whole round of campaigns surrounding the issues of what it truly is to be human.

That is a mash up I would like to see.  Keep rolling!

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