RPG A Day: Day 28

Favourite game I no longer play.  I have a few that fit day 28’s brief but I will take a variant look at this question.

Mechwarrior cover
The game we all became embroiled in during the early 90’s

Day 28: Favourite game you no longer play


I allude to this game a lot and it is because I used to love playing it.  Mechwarrior first, second and third edition saw a core group of players that I grew up with really do some in depth gaming.  most people just see the Battlemechs and think of the pilots and while I did have a mercenary that piloted Atlas mechs I also had another character that was my favourite.

He was a House Liao spy that spent almost his entire gaming career in espionage settings.  Planting false leads and bringing down other agents so that the House of Liao could take its rightful place as the most powerful Inner House.  Nearly every weekend for three to four years we would descend on our friends home and into his basement level to game espionage, battle and change the face of the known galaxy.

In reality it was not the game that I miss.  It is the people.  These are the people that cut their teeth with me over high school and beyond in role playing and we were a close knit group of friends.  We slowly grew up, some of us going to Kuwait and others of us moving to University.  Then there were those of us that got jobs and moved away.  We are mostly still in contact with one another but I only still get to game with one of them on a regular basis.  It was a golden time in my role playing “career” and I miss it.  There were other games we played like Shadowrun, James Bond and MegaTraveller but it was Mechwarrior that I really remember bonding us all together, despite the bloody Clans ruining it!

Keep rolling!

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