RPG A Day: Day 29

There are probably two blogs that I frequent the most at this point in time and I can’t pick between them so you are going to have to put up with knowing about two fabulous blogs today.


Day 29: Favourite RPG Website/Blog


The first blog I frequent (when I can) is Ballgowns and Battleskirts written by Fern Kali.  The play report of their Abberant game that she writes is absolutely the most fantastic game write ups I have ever read and I just wish I could play in that game.  That is not to say that is the only thing she does well.  There are musical based posts and she has been keeping up with the RPG A Day posts too which I need to spend some time today catching up on.

Ballgowns and Battleskirts
Banner from Fern’s blog (hope she does not sue me – I have no money

Really, just some clever posts there.  Fern also plays Pathfinder and reports on both of them on the site and I can not say that I have ever read a post on her site that has made me wish I hadn’t.  She has a fantastic way with the word things and her blog is a place I will visit often when I have free time.

The second blog is where I go to read reviews and the like about lesser known games.  Dieheart is a blog by Sophia Brandt and honestly, the reviews she does are brilliant.  When I review I feel I faff about a bit and as Cameron Corniuk will tell you, I am the nice reviewer.  It is very rare when I see something bad about a game because I just love gaming too much to stay too negative for too long about anything in particular.  Sophia has a writing style that just gets to the heart of the matter and she also seems to have her hand on the pulse.

Web banner  of dieheart.net
Again I stole a web banner, but to advertise the blog, please don’t sue me!

What I mean by the pulse is the fact that she always seems to be one of the first, if not the first, that reviews the next big thing in alternate games.  I wish I had her eye for picking the games that I reviewed, but if I did then I suppose I would have missed her awesome blog!

So do yourself a favour and spend a lot of time reading through both of these blogs.  You will not be disappointed.  Keep rolling!

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