RPG A Day Day 3

Day 3 allows me to give a bit of love to one of the contenders that I spurned in a previous post…

RPG A Day 2015 list
RPG A Day 2015!

Day 3: Favorite New Game of the Past 12 Months


I feel like this was a bit of a cheat but because I had purchased Lords of Gossamer and Shadow over 12 months ago (more like 18-24 now!) I knew I could slip Silent Legions into this slot.  Silent Legions is a brilliant horror game that allows you to run a personalized mythos rather than sticking to a set system.  In fact the rules are really simple that they pretty much fit on a single page and three quarters of the fun in this game (for the GM at least) is setting up the Mythos AND the sandbox world that you are going to play in.

new player
Be prepared for the strange and wonderful in your games: Image from Silent Legions

The game I ran of this was fantastic and I really think that I would love playing a longer term campaign of this game that ends in the spiraling madness of several investigators.  It has an OSR mechanic, which I find I am growing to love more and more so feel free to call me a Grognard, and has me wanting to test more of the Kevin Crawford games I own actually in play.

Second place to this would probably have to be Ehdrigohr.  I have not as yet finished reading this game but I have a game planned and will be running it for a few friends soon.  It truly looks to be a brilliant addition to my RPG collection.

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