RPG A Day: Day 30

Well, I think this is probably the easiest question I have had to answer all month, and it is likely to be a few peoples answer I imagine.

Picture of Vin Diesel with Groot
My favourite RPG Playing celebrity

Day 30: Favourite RPG Playing Celebrity


Vin Diesel.  Really, I can think of no one else to put here that comes close to the respect that I have for that guy.  I could have put Wil Wheaton or Bruce Dickinson, but for me it is Vin.  He is grounded, down to earth and one of us.

You may think that is a funny thing to say but Vin is very approachable.  He is the only reason that I miss Facebook because he holds these Hang out with Vin things that he advertises through his Facebook page and it is just that.  He sits in his house, plays music and chats online to the text questions that come through.  His representation of role playing is always positive and so he wins my vote (plus, who else gives me an excuse to use Groot on my site?).  Keep rolling!

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