RPG A Day: Day 5 RPG Knights

Day 5 asks the questions about my recent purchase history.  I do a lot of gaming purchases and sometimes even I have trouble remembering what is coming through the mail.  Also, because I do not have a FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store) I have to have everything mailed to me.

Cover of Ehdrigohr
My preciousssss

Day 5: Most Recent RPG Purchase


Due to the fact that I can’t really remember what the last thing I purchased was I am going to change this to the last purchase I received.  And that is this beautiful shiny thing that is shown above.  Ehdrigohr the role playing game.  There was an article getting around on Google+ about two months ago espousing the brilliant narrative system and native American Indian belief system that was instilled through this book.

I have always been fascinated with the shamanic beliefs and ideals of the native Americans and have read a great deal over my 40 odd years regarding their traditions and practices.  I can’t say that I understand what it is like for them in the past or currently as all my learning comes from books.  So to see the author of this RPG talk about how he feels that he is able to deliver the experience of some of his culture had me in a moment skipping across to DriveThruRPG, buying the PDF and the softcover for this book.  I also have players waiting patiently for me to put a game of this together to run, so popular was the article.

Dragon flying
In the Company of Dragons image taken from the Kickstarter web site

Thinking about the actual title for this day I also realise now that a Kickstarter cleared and paid out of my account this weekend.  So technically, the Rite Publishing In the Company of Dragons revamped book and collation of various things is the RPG purchase that is most recent.  But of course, as it is not in hand (and likely there is a time frame that must be met first) will not be in my hand for a while.  Still, I will be excited to see it!


Ok here I go, getting into the RPG A Day game. As of right now, at the time that I am writing this, it is Day 5. I have looked at the list and I will try my best to write articles for them. Keep in mind I am still fairly new to the hobby so there are a lot of questions that I don’t have answers for.

My most recent rpg purchase would be Star wars Edge of Empire Beta. It was during the point when Half Price Books was doing their week of coupons. It was priced at 40$ and then I was able to use a 40% off coupon. When I saw this on the shelf I just lunged for it and got all Gollum like. “Back off it’s mine, my precious” (strokes book creepily)


The moment I saw the fantasy flight video on YouTube I knew I had to get it. From what I’ve seen, it has some very stunning artwork which is a big plus. I am really interested to see how it plays and use the narrative dice which is a different experience for me. I have asked my brother (in advanced) to buy me the 3 Star Wars Beginner Boxes for Christmas. If not, he needs to definitely get me the EOE Beginner Box and an extra set of dice.

Half Price Books has to be my favorite store to shop at. It’s actually very dangerous for me to be left alone there. The Viking inside of me wants to go raiding and pillaging, which is not a good thing for my piggy bank. For the longest time there were no rpg’s at all. Then the last year or so they started getting some in and now they have a decent section.


I have been running a campaign of D&D for the teens club. Next year I’m thinking of switching over to Star Wars EOE. I love fantasy, that’s my number one genre, but I do love me some sifi. It will be a good change of pace and plus its Star Wars. First I’ve got to read up on the rules and see if these young ones can comprehend them.

I am very excited to play/run some Star Wars Edge of Empire. It will be amazing to be a part of that world, that you’re part of the big story. For those who have looked at the game let me know your thoughts on it. On the easy to difficult learning curve what do you think it’s at? Will teens be able to understand the concepts? Thanks and may the force be with you.

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