RPG A Day: Day 9

This topic is going to cause me a bit of an issue – but let’s see where it leads me…

RPG A Day 2015 list
RPG A Day 2015!

Day 9 : Favourite Media I Wish was an RPG

This is a difficult question to ask  I could say Mad Max but as I pointed out, there is kind of a game for that.  Plus there are such good universal systems now like the Cypher System (all shiny and new) and FATE that really, there is nothing I can’t turn into an RPG.  but of course it is not what media would I apply a Universal system to.  It is what media would I like to see get its own RPG.  I am not going to go Mad Max, because I am fairly certain if I saw someone bring out an RPG foir that I would steer clear, much like I did with the Aliens RPG.

It is also a bit on the troubling side for me because by far and above the most media I consume are role playing game books!  I do not really watch much TV and what I do watch has an RPG for it except for the Walking Dead and zombie games do not really translate well to RPG’s.  If I were going to run a Walking Dead Game I am certain that I would use the Cypher System for it.  No, I think I am going to have to stretch a little bit further.

I did try to run my Classic Traveller (CT) games a bit along the lines of a Peter F Hamilton novel (Commonwealth saga) but it did not fit very well.  All the new transhuman stuff is a bit past the technology divide (though I am still waiting on my copy of Sarah Newton’s Mindjammer – about 8 months and counting).  So a game based on that saga would be nice – it is the type of science fiction that really suits me.  But this is still not my choice.

Dipping into the great 80’s shows I loved – an A Team game would be awesome – though I did play the B-Team in FATE so probably over that need.  Battlestar Galactica has an RPG (I think) although it would be old so that would leave Greatest American Hero on my list just for funny super hero game but it is a bit limited and I think a funny super hero game could be achieved with any Supers system.

The Running Man movie was pretty good but I also have a tingly sensation in the left lower cortex that the movie actually did get an RPG system around the time of its release and it was awful.  But of course, thinking of movies actually opens the floodgates a little for me and there is one movie that leaps directly to mind that I know there is no RPG for.  There is an RPG that people say is like it, and that is true on one level but completely inaccurate in every other sense.

Scene from Dark City movie
You have to watch it to know what I mean…

The movie (filmed in Sydney coincidentally) is Dark City.  A fantastic dark future movie that has a massive twist set into it that leaves you wanting more.  Many people say that the Demolished Ones is like Dark City and it is kind of in a things are not all they seem manner – so in reality you could say it was like the Sixth Sense.  I would really love a Dark City role playing game.  I am not going to go into what the movie is about because I do not want to spoil it but if you have never seen it – watch it.

So, there you have it, all that thinking to come up with a movie I am not going to tell you about.  Thing is, if you have seen it, you know, and if you haven’t then you do not want me ruining it for you.  Keep rolling 🙂

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