RPG A Day 10: Which ‘dead game’ would I like to see reborn?

This is a great question.  I have played so many games in my time and I would love to have some of them back.  Funny thing is, as I went through a list in my mind many of them have been reborn into new editions.  Maelstrom, Paranoia, Traveller.  The list continues.  I would like to have the James Bond RPG and Super Squadron back but I talked to those a few days ago.  So let us see what else I can find in the dead RPG box.


Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

I know this made a resurgence a while back but it is again not in print.  I am not sure what the last edition was like but I am talking about the brutal game that we played in the 80’s.  The iconic dwarven troll hunter on the front in a mess of combat.  The cruel criticals and the downright brutal system taught people how to lose characters.  The number of wounds you could take was ridiculously small and your chances of living equally bleak.  It was a brilliant rendition of the Warhammer world.  That edition needs a spruce up and be reborn for today.

Warhammer Fantasy Role Playing Game

I ran this game just as much as I played it and it was simple, fast and atmospheric.  Your grand scale wars or your tight little dungeons were all within reach.  Spellcasters started as lowly apprentices and built there way into arcane masters.  Chaos was everywhere you looked and you fought against it or succumbed.

In Reality Though…

The last game I seriously committed to as a player long term was Mechwarrior.  In our teens we did a lot of Battletech and a good friend of mine started running Mechwarrior alongside our games.   The great thing about this is he did not limit our characters to being mech pilots.  In fact I had one mech pilot who headed up his own mercenary group “Dogs of War”.  I also had one spy who never even set foot in a machine of war.  He lived his life in the political arena in support of House Liao.

Mechwarrior RPG

So in all reality, if I had a choice which to have reborn it would definitely be Mechwarrior.  Warhammer being reborn would possibly give Dungeon Crawl Classics a strong contender for my favourite fantasy game but Mechwarrior is where I would love to start rolling dice again!


  1. Just an FYI, Cubicle 7 is working on a new edition of WFRP, supposedly inspired by the 1st and 2nd editions of the game.


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