RPG A Day 11: Where do I go for Reviews?

I got day 10 and 11 mixed up – apologies for that.  I was pretty stressed yesterday with life and it obviously caused this minor hiccup.  Good news is that I will probably be answering the same question as everyone else.  Being ahead in the timeline (living in Australia +10 GMT) means I appear to be always ahead of everyone.  So where do I go for reviews?

I missed the start of RPG A Day

I Used to Write Them 🙂

Once upon a time I used to write a lot of the reviews myself!  But since the store has been open time is not so much available to do this.  Still, it was nice to be sought out by publishers to do reviews.  It also meant I had a lot of RPG content in PDF form for myself.  My early review of Lords of Gossamer and Shadow (as I got it via Kickstarter) even shaped the final released version.  I was quite proud of that.

But Where Do I Get Reviews From Now?

Two sources.  First is I go to the Google Plus and see if there has been any reviews released for the said product.  If I can’t find anything at all there then I turn to Ms. Google herself.  It can be a bit hard tracking down a review of a new game, so if neither of those options work I just buy it and read it.  Reading RPG’s is kind of like a hobby for me so I have no problem at all taking the final route.

Google Plus
Google Plus

I don’t really have a preferred reviewer.  I just read what I can and make my decisions based off that.  I am not even much of a multiple review reader so I will make a decision based off the one review.  I am not sure that I have ever not bought a game based on a review though.  So there you have it!  My Day 10 question answered Day 11.  Keep rolling.

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