RPG A Day 17: RPG I have owned the longest but never played?

That is going to be a very interesting question to answer because in all reality, I don’t know.  All of the hard copy versions of games I have I have played.  Except Ehdrigohr which really irks me as it is a beautiful game.  I just could not get players all in the one place to play it.  Besides that, I have older electronic (PDF) games that out date that which I have not played.  So let me go and explore a little.  I will be right back – in the next paragraph.  No time at all for you.

I’ll meet you in the shadow of Heaven

OK.  I have gone through all my purchase histories and found the oldest game that I own that I have never played is a game called Shadows of Heaven.  Bought to us by Bedroom Press (they gave us Hulks and Horrors) and run by John Berry who quit the RPG making scene unfortunately.  You play a shadow – an assassin sent by God to destroy the Nephilim.  If you want a copy or it sounds like your type of game it is Pay What You Want and can be found here.

never played
Heaven’s Shadow – the oldest game in my collection I have never played

Why have I not played it?  Not sure – though religious empowered games are not all that interesting to me.  I did like Hulks and Horrors so I probably got this around the same time as playing that to see what the other material from the same author was like.  John’s stuff is good so if this is your idea of a good setting I strongly suggest you grab a copy!  Keep rolling…

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