RPG A Day 18: Which RPG have you played most in life?

Tricky question really.  I have played a lot of games and I am terribly old.  My life is long and my memory short.  It is totally going to be a FASA game though as I spent the entire 90’s playing FASA games.

Shadowrun or Earthdawn?

This is the question.  I got on to Shadowrun the moment it came out and had all of the books from 1st through to second edition.  During the second edition years they brought out Earthdawn (may have been during first – who remembers).  I got that and before too long I was over Shadowrun and into Earthdawn.

cover of the hardback first edition earthdawn book
The game is Earthdawn and the time is the early 1990’s

Meditating on the issue I think I am going to have to say that it is Earthdawn that I played the most.  My Shadowrun days were an intense period from around 1989 to probably 1994 and then my Earthdawn started 1993 and continued solidly to around 2001ish.  I certainly have all the editions and would like to play it some more but at this stage the 4th edition books are not complete enough for me to consider it.

Why did Earthdawn take over my life?

Earthdawn is a gritty horror themed fantasy game.  that is perfect for my outlook on fantasy games.  It also dovetailed well with the races I was comfortable with in the Shadowrun game.  Games where the sanity of the players can be tested deeply and everything is rich and alive with tales and lore.  This is a game that screams to me;

Play me!

Quick, simple and done!  My life has been filled with Earthdawn games (and so many others). Keep rolling…

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