RPG A Day 19: Which RPG features the best writing?

Nice little question this one.  It certainly has me thinking but in all honesty one game leaped to my mind which was quickly followed by another and so it is a tousle between the two of them in my mind.  One of them is a game that I turn to when I just want to read a game – and it does it so well that it is really enjoyable.  The other is a game that I do not reread but is full of beautiful writing, imagery and setting.  They are both FATE based!


My guilty pleasure is reading the FATE Core book.  It is very readable and each time that I read it I learn something a little more about the game.  The examples are awesome, the artwork beautiful and I always read it with a smile on my face.  I just can’t help thinking of the possibilities that could be when I read this book and it takes me on a journey of my imagination each time.  But I do think that this is not just the writing.  It is the entire package of the book.  The small little hardcover, the art and the writing make this a guilty pleasure for me to read and reread.  It does not hurt that I love FATE too so knowing the rules intimately is a handy thing at times.


From my late teenage years I have always loved the history and culture of shamanism and the Native Americans.  I have read so much material that explores this theme.  Then I found Ehdrigohr!  Ehdrigohr is a brilliant RPG that is dripping with all of these ideals and beliefs.  Tied to the FATE system and with one of the most beautiful books with a gorgeously crafted setting.  It is a niche game and I am a hundred percent behind getting a game of this going but I need the right players.  I have started so many games in the past two years that have failed to continue and this is not something I can ever imagine in this game.  The way it is written is a beautiful work of art and I will not just allow the attempt to game in it to fail!

Ehdrigohr – My pick for the best writing in an RPG

Ehdrigohr is hands down the game that intrigued me and whose writing really speaks to me.  This is obviously because of my personal interests obviously.  But also a read through this will tell you that the writing shows a game of a different breed.  The goals of characters in this setting can be so different to any other that I have ever read and I get excited just thinking about it.  Take a look at the game here and if it speaks to you grab a copy! Keep rolling…

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