RPG A Day 2: What is an RPG I Would Like to see Published?

This is a funny little question.  I am sure that it might be intended to be what franchise would you like to see published as an RPG?  I am not really sure of this one.  Perhaps an RPG where you play a single celled organism that eats flesh and needs to avoid the anti biotics?  I am not really sure and all I want to yell out is “MINE” but I suppose I had better get that finished before I can get it published.

I missed the start of RPG A Day

Things aren’t like this anymore

I would certainly have had an answer for this right off the top of my head five or more years ago.  But I do not now and the reason behind this is the fact that there are two really strong universal systems these days that mean if I want to play the flesh eating bacteria game I can.  I just grab my FATE book or my Cypher System and I build it from there.

I know there will be people telling me that they can do broad well but there is nothing like a specific setting game.  You are even right from several perspectives but the days of having a single game for every genre are gone for me.  I like trying new systems but really there aren’t any that I want to see created specifically (apart from my game Detritus).

If I were to be tied down and beaten for an answer?

If you were to tie me down and put some nails through a piece of 2 by 4 timber and threaten to beat me?  More than likely I would say that I would love to see a science fiction game similar to Peter F Hamilton’s Commonwealth saga to be created.  Although my most played in games at the store are fantasy games I much prefer to escape into the deep black.  Science Fiction is what I much prefer, but not as hard sci-fi as Eclipse Phase.  I am a late seventies and early 80’s fanatic.  I like my space filled with interstellar space ship travel and my robots humanoid with schizoid personalities thanks very much!

Peter F. Hamilton Commonwealth series
Peter F. Hamilton’s Commonwealth is the place for me

So, there you have it.  Another answer for this year banged out though this one left me a little cool.  When you have the tools to pick up and try a setting without needing to create a new system, why wouldn’t you!  Universal systems (modern ones anyway) for the win!

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  1. similar to you i would like to see one also based of a science fiction writers work, “The Expanse” by James S. A. Corey


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