RPG A Day 20: Best source of out of print games

Well, this is a cool question and not as easily answered as one would think.  After all it really depends on what is out of print that you want.  After all, in this day and age I would think that most people would say DrivethruRPG or RPGNow.  But in reality not everyone loves reading electronically and they just don’t have what I am after.  These names only went through my mind after my mind leaped to one other reliable source.

Noble Knight Games

American company and therefore almost certainly too expensive for me now just on postage alone.  But you want it they pretty much have it!  They even have Super Squadron!  They are out of stock of the extended books but there is only one place to get them now.  I used Noble Knight a couple of times to source some books before the postage “treaty” we had with the USA went under.  They have excellent service and a great range.

Noble Knight Games
Noble Knight Games are a brilliant source for the out of print


Sometimes I even pretend like I have money and go through their online store picking out the mountain of stuff I would buy. It is almost like there is nothing they can’t source or have not heard about!  Then I realize I am a game store owner and that I run on love, not money.  If you want to support Noble Knight Games just click right here.

A nice quick question for day twenty!  Check out their back catalog and if you were wondering where you can get the expanded Super Squadron stuff click here.  Otherwise – game lots and keep rolling!

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