RPG A Day 29: Best run RPG Kickstarter I backed?

Isn’t it funny that when presented with this question you think of all the shocking ones first.  There is one so bad that someone asked me to do a review of the final product and I am still struggling to get through the book.  It is that bad.  Good Kickstarters?  Well let me see…  There are two that were stand outs to me.

Lords of Gossamer and Shadow

An ambitious game and Kickstarter.  The late Steve Russell really delivered on this one.  There was of course one late book among all the goodies that were given out in stretch goals that has only just been released.  I was unaware of a lot that I was getting and for the money to goody ratio that came out of that Kickstarter was phenomenal.  Unbelievable game and brilliantly completed.

Dungeon Crawl Classics 4th Printing

This took a little longer than expected but the goods are fantastic.  They were also very prompt in owning up to delays and explaining what they were.  The finished products are beautiful and I have rarely been as happy with a Kickstarter.

games I love - DCC
Dungeon Crawl Classics cover

Other Kickstarters

If you aren’t listed here, I hated the delivery on your Kickstarter.  The number of emails I got to my Kickstarter address that were the first contact in three months and saying sorry, “life happens” are too many to mention.  I literally now use my Kickstarter email as junk mail box and no longer look.  If you are going to do a Kickstarter, be realistic with your timeframes.  I am waiting on stuff from big RPG companies that offer excuses like candy.  It is not good enough.  In fact, I just do not Kickstart ever anymore.  Sorry, but it is a broken system that the people using it to gain funds have destroyed for me.

Well, that was not a cheery one!  Let us hope for a better question tomorrow.  Keep rolling!

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