RPG A Day 31: Look forward to in 2018?

I made it again!  In fact this one felt good all the way through – apart from the massive cold.  I miss my blogging and hope to do some more regularly.  So to today.  What am I looking forward to doing in 2018 gaming wise?  This is a great question.  One I thought I had only a one word answer for but on thinking about it quite a bit more popped up.

2018 Gaming!


I plan to return to doing a lot more blogging than I have been.  RPGKnights.com gets a lot of hits year round because of the back catalog.  But I want to add to that and not just in August!  Working on this blog causes me to be more productive and involved.  I love the conversations that arise around the topics, the people that read it are fascinating.  In 2018 I hope to be doing more with this space.

Producing material

I have around 8 unfinished projects.  They are all about one final push away from testing or release stage.  Some are modules, others full blown games.  Others are just encounters and NPC’s but they are all deserving.  Deserving of being used by good gamers all around the world.  I intend to make the final push on several of these in the near future and get them out there.


Changes are afoot!  These changes will mean that hopefully every game that I run or join in on will be one I care about in 2018.  Running a gaming store is great but having to run games you don’t care for – not so much.  I really hope to get back to a lot more Classic Traveller in the near future too.  look out 2018 – here comes 70’s space!  More Apocalypse World and more Dungeon Crawl Classics to boot!

2018 is looking to bring me full circle back to a zone I really enjoy.  Focused and ready to try out all the new materials that are swarming the market!  Hope to see you there.  Keep on rolling!

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  1. I am glad #RPGaDay was a positive experience for you this year, and I look forward to what you do with your projects and blog in the year ahead~


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