RPG A Day 6: Game Every Day For A Week?

What would you do?  Well I can tell you that I have actually achieved this feat since opening the store.  It is one of those be careful what you wish for moments.  Mind you, this may be because I was the game master for the entire week.  I am not sure if that changes if you are a player only.


Prep Time

As a games master I needed to ensure that I had plenty of time to get my stuff in order.  This particular week was mainly a Shadowrun marathon and it was played early in the day.  I was also running regular events at night (even more gaming!) so I had to slot my preparation in during the afternoon.  Keeping this schedule up was pretty demanding as I needed to prepare for both the Shadowrun game as well as the nightly games.

Down Time

I know most of us have stories of our teenage years where we started playing on a Friday afternoon and the last dice were rolled on a Sunday afternoon.  Well, I can’t do that anymore.  I need down time and sleep time.  The week where I did game every day proved that I needed my sleep more than ever.  At the end of those seven days I was destroyed.  Get your sleep where you can.

Eat and Drink

Not just yellow food either (I am talking about fast food).  Try to get something in you that has some kind of nutritional value!

Give it Your All

Heck, you are gaming for an entire week!  Soak it up.  Role play your heart out.  Explore the game and have a blast.  It is after all what we role play for.  As much as that week was tiring and taxing we had some great role playing and explored an awesome string of stories and NPC’s.  Be careful what you wish for – sure.  Would I do it again?  Hell yes.

Find your edge of insanity and just game game game! A.Al-m3oosherji Creative Commons

Currently I run four games a week.  Every second week I run five.  Two Pathfinder (fortnightly three), one Dungeons and Dragons and the fourth is dependent on what I want to play for the week.  That is not quite every day but it is a level I can handle and prepare for.  Some of it is prepared material from a module – other bits are my own work.  I am at the threshold for me that borders on insanity.  Rather than gaming for a week, find that border and play that much all the time!  It is awesome…

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