RPG A Day 8: Good RPG for Two Hours or Less

Why would you want to role-play for such a short time?  Come on people!  Alright – sometimes you are pressed for time and you want to fit that little bit of a game in.  As long as you have characters built there are a few good options.

I missed the start of RPG A Day

Super Squadron

This 1980’s Australian supers RPG is actually pretty compact.  Encounters play out in short time-spans and you can get masses done in a single session.  A lot of this game is all to do with patrolling and encountering a variety of situations so has interesting scope for a short time.  This system, while dated is good.  Do not underrate the small text and number of statistics involved!

Short-Order Heroes

This is a card based supplement that I use to build NPC’s and is designed to work well for FATE.  That said it has a good system all of its own supported in the box and it looks perfect for quick games.  In fact you can make characters and play in a couple of hours so this is probably much better suited than Super Squadron.  I have read actual play information about this and had it rated pretty well.  It also is a game that can empower someone to GM without all the daunting rules.

Short Order Heroes
Short Order Heroes


A game largely designed for kids.  I used to run it as a prelude to bed – replacing a bed story with a bed adventure.  Suits brilliantly and has complexity enough that even adults find it interesting.

There you have it – three games suited for short time spans.  Each could be played in longer time-spans also but the way they are handled all suits them for short games too.  Keep rolling!

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