RPG A Day is here – Day One in which Doris gets her oats


Sorry about the title, I just could not resist the Beatles reference.  In fact it should read;

Day 1: Real dice, dice app, dice-less, how do you prefer to roll?

Well, this is a pretty easy one in actual fact.  If there are dice in a game then it has to be real dice.  I have been caught out without dice before and used a dice roller app, but being a programmer I know how dice apps are made.  Here is a secret, they are not random.  I really have become annoyed at some of the dice roller apps out there and the systems that now feel it is OK to create custom dice and not produce enough physical ones because they can create an app (*COUGH* Fantasy Flight *COUGH*).

But in reality, if it is not physical dice then we should be playing the diceless systems that require none at all.  Lords of Gossamer and Shadow is by far and large one of the games with the best system and setting out there so get into it.  Still know nothing about it?  Shame on you, check out some of my other posts…

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  1. As much fun as i had with Lords of Gossamer and Shadow, there is something great about the feeling of dice in your hands and the rush/suspense of knowing you need the dice to roll well or your character is dead, as for apps they are not much fun but some times when running a game the ability to mass roll dice is alot better than rolling them all by hand so they have their place


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