RPG Knights, Game Knights and the Future

I am going to officially announce it here.  I had a meeting with the accountant today and this was kind of the final hurdle for my wife and I to overcome before we would put all our combined efforts into this.  The accountant believes that there is nothing standing in our way, so to speak, and that funding should be pretty much straight forward.  She all thinks that we have a good concept.  So…

Game Knights the FLGS is a go

That is absolutely correct.  The next week will have me determining a start up cost budget (around $80,000 Australian I imagine at this point in time) and then the Accountant will complete the paperwork and we will make a submission to a bank.  With all things being even this means that we will be negotiating a lease in three weeks time and putting in our first stock orders as we begin to fit out the business.  The business plan is not quite complete but in essence the FLGS will conduct the following;

  • Sell Euro/modern style board games;
  • Sell Card Games;
  • Sell Collectibles;
  • Sell Role Playing Games;
  • Networked computer gaming stations;
  • Have a Barista;
  • Provide a space for playing games and membership services.

The bricks and mortar store is going to find itself in Burnie and for those that know the area the address is 1/100 Wilson Street, Burnie Tasmania that we hope to negotiate a lease on.   This is the old Floorworld building and it has a great corner frontage with loads of space and sunlight.  I will be continuing in my role as a teacher but running the late shift while my daughter and wife will do the early shift.

Game Knights preferred building
1/100 Wilson Street is the ground floor of this building

There will be an internet presence for sales of physical objects and in time PDF files of games also hopefully.  This store will not be the same name as the bricks and mortar store it is likely that…

RPG Knights will expand to become the stores internet portal

That is right.  I am looking at a variety of software to turn this blog into a blog with a store attached.  In the long run it will have a blog that will be bricks and mortar store specific and the current blog will continue with little change to it.  Further to this there will be a link to a store where you will be able to purchase the goods we sell in store and have them sent to you.  This will also be inclusive of PDF files as well.

So, there are changes ahead.  You will see many of those changes here first for as soon as the start up money is obtained I intend to get stock in and begin to sell via an internet portal which will be developed in the next two to three weeks.  There will be a membership system to so if you believe that you are going to be buying items from us you may pay a monthly fee to gain members rights.  That will entail:

  • a base discount off all items in store;
  • access to a “roll off” function to gain a bigger discount;
  • free access to some paid content;
  • initial opt ins for games that I run through hangouts;
  • membership will give you member status in the bricks and mortar store;
  • Special online presence of the site.

Thank You

Several years ago I started a blog.  It was called thePathfinderChronicles.com and I thought I would document my thoughts on games and gaming.  Well, here I am now with my own little piece of the internet about to undertake what may be an ideal vocation and also be my own boss.  I am going to remain as a teacher for another twelve months and we are going to use that 12 month period as an evaluation of the internet and bricks and mortar evaluation.  I am going to be hell busy in these twelve months but in the end, you must take the leap to find out if the risk is worth it.

I have all of you to thank for this opportunity.  Some of you talk to me on a daily basis.  Some of you talk to me every now and again.  Some of you never talk to me but you interact with the blog and it is all of you that I have to thank for giving me the confidence that this can be done.  Thank you all and keep rolling!

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