Sad Days on the Fever Sea

One of my in-person players has called it a day for role-playing in the Skull and Shackles.  It is a real shame as his character was one of the ones that really shaped the adventure and had a huge charisma that drew everyone into the game.  The character was Captain Lem the Black Hearted of the Blackheart that was the scourge of the Fever Sea.

From the Reaper message boards.  Lem
was a little more on the darker side (skin)
but this is a pretty good facsimile!

Lem was a halfling straight from the steaming Mwangi jungles.  He had travel in his blood and a lust for the salt air on his face.  Serving on several ships prior to his fated Shanghaiing by Captain Barnabas Harrington, Lem found that he had a talent for flavour as well as sailing and was often put to work in a ship’s galley.  On the Wormwood he found himself in the Galley and with a little bit more leeway than those who were put to heavier workloads.

he found time to befriend those around him and subvert people in key places as his ability as a ranger allowed him to move around the ship with ease.  He led his close companions with such zeal so that when they finally broke free from Harrigan, Scourge and Plugg that he was the obvious choice for captain.

He accepted his role in a stoic manner but in private with his mate Rosie he celebrated his greatest success.  he would be a captain of the Shackles if it killed him, an all on board the ship with him.  Through careful management of his officers he has faced many dangers.  He has lost animal companions and his love Rosie at the point of sword and in the heart of storms.

His current closest companion was Budda, his leopard animal companion.  Skilled in its own right the pair are nigh inseparable and are feared on the field of battle.  It is unfortunate that +Cam Mcloughlin is unable to continue role-playing with us for it was an absolute blast having Lem at the helm of his ship.  Watching him track down the Captains of vessels and bringing the crew to heel and having him make his mark on the Fever sea was awesome.  Smooth sailing Captain Lem and +Cam Mcloughlin!  I hope that one day you will return to the helm!

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