Saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new

It is always difficult saying goodbye to a game that I am enjoying.  I have had to do just that though in the past couple of weeks.  My Android Netrunner game in the Cypher System was super fun but there were just not enough interested players to keep it going.  We had enough players but if one of them was sick, or too tired then the game could not happen.  This was not a great situation and caused issues because of it.  So I had to let it go and offer up a new setting that would interest other players  That setting is one of my own devising and will be a science fiction horror game.


I always feel science fiction should contain horror.  There is just so much to be scared of in space!  I have a particular love of the Dead Space franchise as well as the work of H.P. Lovecraft.  My wife actually bought me an annotated book of Lovecraft stories last week for my birthday despite being unaware of my plans for the game.  I have even begun a wiki in the hopes that the players’ will record their journeys along with me adding details to it after each game in line with their discoveries.  There is already a mountain of information there and it only contains details of one system so far.  The website can be viewed here and I invite you to keep up with it as we play the game.  Heck, if the setting works for you, use it also!

Books of inspiration
Sinda surveys some of the inspiration for the new game…


I am sticking with the Cypher System.  The issues with players deciding not to game were all about the setting.  That is why I knew a change of setting would bring at least one player to the table.  As an added bonus another new player joined in as well.  There is a good deal of information on the players already on the site.  There is only one player who has not yet advised what they are playing.  It seems they were keen to be an exploratory team on a starship though and their roles revolve around that.  None of the players was keen on playing the captain so I am going to have to come up with some details along that front before we start.  Someone charismatic, bold and naive I think would fit the bill.  If anyone can think up a name for a similar persona pop it in the comments!

Added Materials

Though I am using the Cypher System for the core I am using a few other products to help me out.  The first is the Stars Without Number Revised Edition to kickstart my sandbox system!  I really cannot speak highly enough of the sandbox building tools in this game – and I have talked about it a fair bit on this site!  But this is not just about Science Fiction!  To help me develop my horror side of the genre I have also enlisted the great sandbox materials of Silent Legions to the fray!  It is another game by Sine Nomine that has been talked about at length on my site!  Just quietly too, there is one other book that I have been working on incorporating into the game also.  I am not going to name it at this point as I want it to be a silent source of inspiration for the game until the players work it out at least.

So there you have it.  I have been silent for a while.  I was disappointed with the game as it was so I made the decision to make the game more inclusive.  We were due to start this week but work called me away urgently.  That means the first game starts as of next week so keep an eye out for the play report and make sure you check out the wikki as it progresses.  Use the setting if it suits what you need.  Currently only my players can add to the site but if you want to join in, let me know and I will see what I can organise!


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  1. It’s a real shame to drop the Android setting, I was having a real blast with it. That last session was possibly one of the most fun roleplaying sessions I’ve ever had the pleasure to participate in.
    But I think it was still the right call to switch it up to attract more players. Especially to a setting that has so much possibility.


  2. Also look at Abandon All Hope. It is really my favourite in the genre of space horror (if for no other reason that I immediately had a character that I wanted to play when I read the character generation section – not that I ever will get the chance to.

    The method of dealing with Guilt, Despair, and Insanity are excellent to my mind. Especially the idea that the more you see the more numb you can get but the more danger you are in of suffering a psychotic break (and coincidentally, ringing the dinner bell).

    The adventures are a bit old-school dungeoney though, but do contain some extra information.


    1. I am not sure I have that one, though it is super appropriate to something in my game.


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