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It is not all that long ago that I reviewed Era: The Consortium and loved it.  I can now say that I am an official stocker (the only one in Australia) of their products and keep a close eye on what they are doing.  So far I found out and joined their Kickstarter for their supers game “Empowered” but their latest Kickstarter almost slipped me by and that would have been very bad as it is all about a campaign for Era The Consortium which I will be running in store very soon.

Beautiful artwork in Era
Beautiful artwork in Era

It looks as though the Kickstarter is already funded so anything we add at this stage is cream for the cat (stretch goals) benefiting all of us!  The Kickstarter can be found here and if any of you want a refresher of my review you can read it here.  The current Kickstarter is called the Secret Wars and offers up a short interesting blurb:

When coming to the game, you might wonder what you’ll be playing within this mass of history. The versatility of this game allows you to participate in many kinds of activities, from high-tech “dungeon crawls” to raid corporate facilities, all-out wars in which the existence of your species is threatened, to exploration of new worlds.

There is plenty of room for a less-combat-oriented game, also, like corporate or political intrigue, or transhumanism – certain parts of the history are devoted to that, but it’s undoubtedly always happening!

The Secret War Expansion provides two campaigns focused around the activities of Shades and Phantoms, but Shades can be included almost anywhere in the Consortium’s history and Phantoms can be added to any Resistance group in the later stages of the history.

I have signed on as of today and suggest if you want to look at a fabulous game with a cool supplement you need look no further.  Keep rolling!

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