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RPG Knights the blog is all about sharing.  It is sharing my ideas and creations with those people that will get the most benefit from it.  At the heart of it, I truly believe that sharing is key to role-playing as a whole.


At the table, role-playing is all about a shared story or experience.  Sure, I rarely play and mostly run games.  But that does not make those stories my stories.  They are a shared experience where I try to be as surprised as the players are.  I don’t lay out a plot and stick to it.  I set out situations that are interesting to encounter and then tune them on the fly.  Playing with any group should surprise the referee/games master/dungeon master almost every game.

It can be scary to think that this will happen.  But you have to meditate on the idea of these games.  They are about sharing experiences.  If it was simply about writing a story that you would enjoy, you would not include anyone else in the experience.  Play to be surprised.  Share the experiences and embrace what is challenging just as much as what you expected.  Play hard and share as much as you can.

And keep rolling.

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