Silent Legions Comes to Life this Weekend

I am running a game of Silent Legions this week to see if it is as good as it seems to be.  I have four players signed on to the game already and they have each asked for a pre-generated character that gives me a complete selection of all the classes.  I am pretty excited to get to run this and I have made the pre-generated characters up already.  I was going to email them directly to the players but then I thought that I could share them over the blog so that if anyone is keen for a first level pre-generated character they could come and grab them from here (or the Free Page when I get around to linking them).  I hope you enjoy them.

This investigator is a private eye that has hit hard times – his business is on the ropes
A scientist and researcher at the local arm of the University, seeking the truth where ever it may lie
The rich wanderer living off their parent’s trust fund, living from one thrill to another
An Internal Affairs tough that keeps the long arm of the law on the straight and narrow

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  1. I too have purchased Silent Legions within the last month. I’ve read it with excitement, prepared a game by converting an older Call of Cthulhu scenario (conversion was very easy!), and we had our initial session last week…the game runs great. Hope you have a great time and post follow ups!


    Brian C.


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