Simple is “Good”

I was over at the Troll Dens blog looking for something interesting to read and I found this post simply saying that simple is the best.  It was a short, punchy little post that told of an awesome weekend of gaming that they had just gaming and not being fussed by the rules.  They hit a snag, they ruled it on the spot rather than getting bogged down and kept the game going.

I have been having some real trouble doing this in my games of late.  I am largely using systems that I have not used in a long while or that have been forced on me by the players.  Last night though, after a false start we got a game of Pathfinder up and running and I really felt I took this spirit on board.  It was a big battle last night against 13 headless horseman and a goat with a bruised ego and I just wanted it to be fun and not get bogged down.

GM burnout critical hit die
Sometimes gaming can lead to burnout

I had a lot to move through but I think I got it moving at a nice pace.  I assisted players with their tokens in the virtual map space and helped them with tactics.  I did not force stuff on them, just offered some suggestions.  There were a lot of times that I wanted to say no last night but I fought the urge and I said yes instead.  I kept the pace of the battle going and the tone of it interesting.  Everyone I think had a good return (as we had not played this for about a month, maybe more) and got back into their characters pretty well.

I was hugely tired and depressed because the game was meant to start at 8 and I waited 20 minutes for at least four players (otherwise it would be just too OP to adjust around) and so I called it off, which is what had happened the week before.  The moment I called it off though and signed out I saw two of the missing players arrive which would give a party of 5.  By my own rules, as I was very depressed that the game was being called off second week in a row, I should have let it go.  But I hopped back in and tried to get the other players back.

I got all but one and I said I was not going to game unless Libby returned (it would be a bit rude seeing she had turned up for the game).  One of the players suggested ringing her because we could not raise her online.  A quick search, an international phone call and a surprised Libby on the end and the game was back on.

I am fairly certain I was in the mood for simple, because of that depression.  I just wanted to enjoy the game.  And I did.  Sort of.  It was not a rip snorting enjoyment of some games but I felt in control.  I have not played Pathfinder for a while but it is my fantasy system of choice and I felt knowledgeable and in control.  That made me go to bed satisfied.

So read the wisdom of the Troll Lord at his blog.  It is a pity I do not know his handle on Google+, my preferred social site, or I would send him a message of thanks for that post.  It was great.  Until next time, keep rolling.


  1. His handle is +Stephen Chenault. He is an awesome and talented dude. I’ve been huge Castles & Crusades fan for about five years now. It’s a fantastic system, IMO.


    1. Thanks Vincent, I have now added him.


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