Sometimes, timing is everything…

I have had a couple of things come down to timing in the past week for my gaming.  I like to think that the world is chaos.  There is no rhyme nor reason, no grand plan.  But then there are things that make me go hmmm…  And in the past week, there have been a few things that have been affected by timing that has made me wonder just at the heart of everything.

Firstly, it appears that the in-game Degenesis game is dead

Life happens sometimes.  The long and the short of it is that I suffered a broken elbow.  I also suffer from a shit Doctor.  I went to the Doctor, probably 12 weeks or so ago with a broken elbow I had from three weeks prior.  He sent me to an X-Ray and the girl that took the photo wandered out pale.  She wanted me to go to emergency immediately.  I said I have had it for three weeks, is it that urgent.  The radiographer advised that if I absolutely promised to go back to the Doctor that I would not have to go to emergency but it MUST BE MANAGED.  I went to the Doctor and he had “forgotten” his password to see the X-ray so he GOOGLED an image and said this is what it looks like.  No need to do anything.  I am still in as much pain now as I was the night I broke my elbow.

I drive for the in-person game.  My players live 40 odd km away from me and I travel that pretty much every week.  I am really suffering from simply holding the steering wheel now.  I advised the group that I cannot do that sort of travel at the moment.  I have made the same trip 4 times since that advice and every time I suffer for days afterwards.  the players discussed playing the game at mine (which I have space for and am fine with) but it just has not happened.  Not that it is anyone in particular’s fault.  It has just been down to timing.

Super timing…

Six years ago I ran a couple of games of my favourite supers game, Super Squadron.  It was with my regular online player group and it went well but I did not feel at the time that it gelled.  Last year we ran a year-long campaign of Stars Without Number, and while it ran OK, I can’t say it was great.  Thursday nights Super Squadron game felt different to me.  I really enjoyed the feel of what we ran.  To start with it was a bit of information about it all and some mechanics I was introducing.  Then we ran into the game and it felt, well, Super.

The game that had not fit the bill six years ago, was now making the grade.  A few things had happened between then and now.  the Virtual Table Top (VTT) Fantasy Grounds MoreCore variant enabled a lot of that.  I can fashion the game inside it without needing the dedicated system.  I can explain things better and automate more.  The system, just works and the introductory encounter just worked.  Timing is certainly at play here.

The next ambition is falling foul of timing

I have had a campaign in my head for a long while.  I started to design it in AD&D 2E but it never took off.  Instead, I have decided to try it with Pathfinder 2E and have been working since late January to get it up and running.  It is going to be an in-person game and had offered it out to locals of the area, but the regulars are keen to give it a go.  but it is falling foul of timing.  I have been trying to absorb the Pathfinder 2E “super-simple” rules in the past couple of months.  They are anything BUT super-simple and I have struggled.  but I got my reading to the point where I wanted Sunday to be the first day.

But now my daughter is arriving from interstate.  it is way more important that I spend time with her.  I saw her at Christmas by some fluke, but Covid has kept her away from the rest of the family until now.  I do not regret this at all, but the following week is Easter.  It just feels that the timing of this is putting it further and further back.  Will I ever get this campaign out of my head?  Issues are mounting, and it feels out of control a little.  is the timing working against me or is it just a confluence of Chaos congealing to make me think there are patterns that simply do not exist.

Do you lean toward Law or Chaos when thinking of timing?

So, there are a lot of things happening in my gaming realms at the moment.  Not all of them are great and many of them are suffering due to the timing of other things.  Do you feel that in your own spheres of influence that there are patterns to the timing that happens?  Or is it just whorls of pure chaos that occasionally coalesces to cause apophenia in the best of us?  Let me know in the comments and keep rolling!

Apophenia, the finding of patterns in random things.

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  1. After Easter seems like way better timing!!! things have been full on with me so way better fit. Happy to hear that “super squadron” has put on its cape and spandex again too!


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