Sometimes You Need To Step Back

I run a regular game of Conan: Adventures In An Age Undreamed Of.  It is a weekly game and it is also a fairly new game.  I had been running my own Pathfinder campaign but the style of play in Pathfinder is not something I enjoy.  Conan, however, is a brilliant game with a lot going for it.  On Wednesday night I was tired and a little distracted and the players were a bit distracted also.  We got through an evening of the game and we all kind of thought that it could have been better.  During the game, Cameron Corniuk had messaged me and I had replied to him to be silent as I was playing Conan.  He messaged back;

send those devil dogs to meeet Crom!

Step Back

The next morning Cameron messaged me again (Cameron is in Ohio USA while I am in Tasmania, Australia) and the following set of messages occurred;

Hangouts message

Continued Hangouts message

Final hangouts message So I realised through reviewing the game and taking that step back we had a mess of fun on Wednesday.  Not only that, we got through a heap!  The final revelation to me is I thought that this, which is the first adventure I created rather than using premade, is pretty cool!

Review what you do!

I suppose my message here has to be to review what you do.  I was sure at the end of Wednesday night that it was going down in my mind as a bad game.  In retrospect, the next day, I love it!  The players were literally laughing most of the way through the game and we got a heap done.  The adventure ended on a cliffhanger and I am super excited about the next game.  Try to take the time to revisit how you feel about games.  Your initial perspective may be off and there may be some learning you can do.  Keep rolling!

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  1. I agree with this sentiment. Look back and review and acknowledge what has been achieved. However, be careful not to be overly analytical or critical.

    Love your insight Mark.


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