Space : RPG a Day 2019

Quite honestly, I think I love space games the best.  I have played a slew of them in my role-playing game career and I can never get enough of them.  Most of my favourite memories as an actual player comes from games set out in the blackness of space.

Weird space
Weird Space is out there OK?


My favourite game was likely my time playing MegaTraveller as Treva Donnelly – a rogue with psionics.  The game really became a love story where he fought his demons and drug addiction to be with an alien that he loved above all else.  There were such super highs and such low lows.  It was largely a solo game with the GM though at times he would cross paths with other players.  I still have a folder of notes that I took of the character somewhere thinking that I may one day write a novel of it.  Not likely now but the notes are great to hang on to.

The other game I loved was Mechwarrior.  I had two main characters I played in that.  One was a spy for House Liao (also known as the Capellan Confederation) who would go into enemy territory seeking intel before the main invasion force of the House would be committed.  The other character was an Atlas piloting mercenary captain.  His group was called the Dogs of War and he sacrificed a tonne of weight to have massive speakers added to the Atlas which would play Pink Floyd’s Dogs of War as they waded into battle.

As a GM

I love running space games also.  Particularly I love Classic Traveller, Era: The Consortium and Cypher to run these games.  Plenty of campaigns and games have passed and I still can’t get enough of such a varied setting.  There is so much you can do with a space setting and that is why it is super fun to run.

Get into a space game!  There is so much more to roleplaying than just fantasy.  Keep on rolling!

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