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Hi all.  Today I am hopefully going to have a couple of posts up detailing two Kickstarters that I have actually supported.  This is the first of those, detailing a supplement that offers an alternative magic system to Pathfinder.  I like magic the way it is but it is good to have options and this sounds cool!  The second Kickstarter I will put up will be by video so hopefully I can get it up by the end of the day!  The following announcement is supplied by the people behind Spheres of Power itself and not from me, although, as I have already stated, I am supporting them so the more stretch goals they hit the happier I will be 😉  So on to the announcement…

Spheres of Power Kickstarter from Drop Dead Studios

Spheres of Power is a completely new magic system for Pathfinder and other D20 fantasy games. Rather than simply being a new way to access the old system (spell levels, spells per day, spell slots, etc.,) Spheres of Power reworks everything from the ground up, giving players and GMs a talent-based magic system they can use to explore whole new settings and character concepts.

Rather than building around spell lists, Spheres of Power lets you build around concepts. A collection of Spheres (alteration, life, mind, fate, destruction, etc.) lets you choose your character’s focuses and abilities, which are further augmented by talents that expand a sphere’ abilities. This lets players design their casters around a concept rather than a spell list, and gives GMs greater freedom to design their worlds however they want, letting them build worlds from Harry Potter, to Mistborn, to Dragon Age, to the Bartimaeus Trilogy, all without worrying about how to adapt the existing spell system to fit their idea.

Spheres of Power is built to be simple enough for a new player to learn, yet versatile enough to fit a thousand concepts. By breaking magic into spheres and talents, we let you design whatever you want, from a dangerous Fire Mage to a Jedi Knight to a wide-eyed Hogwarts student. With Talents, you also get the freedom to play your character your way, not having to wait until 5th level to throw your first fireball, or 9th level to throw your first enemy with telekinesis.

Our Kickstarter has already funded, but now we’re working on stretch goals to make it even better, including re-writing the magic item rules, including a chapter on rituals, group casting, and mythic rules, and getting Paizo and Wizards of the Coast veteran Ben Wootten to do the cover art. Combined with the stretch goals we’ve already passed (a bestiary, expanded sphere and class options, as well as a Kickstarter-exclusive adventure module “Wizard’s Academy”) Spheres of Power promises to bring you some great additions to your gaming table and personal library.

The Kickstarter is here. Thank you in advance for helping us bring something great to the Pathfinder community.

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