Steam Sale: Fantasy Grounds

Why should we get excited about the Steam Summer Sale as Table Top RPG gamers?  Fantasy Grounds people – Fantasy Grounds!  That is right, Fantasy Grounds is available through the Steam interface and I got an email from the the man behind Smiteworks to point out that most of their stock is on sale.  that means this is the perfect time to get involved in the best virtual tabletop in the market right now!  (Note – that may be a personal opinion 🙂

Fantasy Grounds splash screen
Fantasy Grounds

The 2015 Summer Sale has just launched. The dates correspond with the official Steam Summer Sale and the prices of discounted items is matched on their store ( and on Steam (


  • All FG 1-time licenses are 30% off
  • All D&D licensed modules are 30% off
  • Call of Cthulhu big modules are 30% off
  • Several other larger modules are 30% off
  • Everything else is 10% or 20% off

That is right, the one off licenses are 30% off which means a massive saving on the Ultimate License!

Sale prices for Fantasy Grounds are insane!

I am such an idiot to buy these things on whim!  I would have saved oh so much.  But that is where I can set you straight here and now.  You will also note that the above says licensed modules for D&D – by module they mean a pack that fits into the Fantasy Grounds program which means the bulk core packs (Players and Monsters) are up for grabs in this sale too!

Steam Sale
Look at those awesome prices!

So if you have been thinking about it, think no more.  The price is unlikely to be this good for a while.  It is now that you should jump in and take a look at this great product.  Please also note that I have never received a cent from Fantasy Grounds and I have purchased all of my own material and licenses at full cost.  Nor do I have any vested or financial involvement in the company that makes Fantasy Grounds.  I advertise this because I believe in their product and believe that (if you read my reviews) for what I need this is the best thing out there at the moment!  What are you still reading for!  The Steam Sale lasts only until June 21!  Keep rolling.

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