Super Squadron Heroes Wanted!

“Titan City is rife with crime.” says Mayoress Zina Smothers.  “Gangs run the streets and kill our boys in blue for sport!  It seems every criminal is making their way to our streets as it is one of the only large cities in the country that has not had a super hero appear to quash this blight.  If only we had an Atom Man or Galaxus Gal to protect us but unfortunately the only thing we have is our thin blue line and we are running short of recruits.”

The Mayoress referred to statistics that show home invasions are up, theft is up, assaults are up, sexual assault is up, drug use is up, grand theft auto is rising and murders are three times the rate they were a year ago.  I was given access to victim statements of gang related crime and I have personally experienced a street gang shakedown in the past few weeks.  This reporter is aware that if something is not done soon then Titan City will become a mecca of lawlessness and the regular, good people of this city will cease to exist, instead they will be prey for the scum that now holds our streets to ransom.

Image by O_Nobody_O under a Creative Commons Attribution – Non Commercial 3.0 Licence

The above report was filed by Jami Bonner a day before his execution at the hands of the Rotting Hand gang.  This death is one too many in the eyes of this reporter and I ask you all, who can step up and set this right?

Any inquiries to help clean up Titan City and be a member of a Super Squadron are to be forwarded to mark DOT knights AT gmail DOT com.

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