Syvet gets Reincarnated

The new Syvet?
Image by “The Wonderificient” under a Creative Commons Attribution, No Derivative Works 3.0 Licence

A couple of Reign of Winter game nights ago our new player who plays a witch came across a dead familiar of a previous witch.  Initially they were not exactly aware that the poor thing was dead as it was being used by a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing to lure the players to it.  Being an originally magical creature the familiar wrestled with control and allowed for the players to get an idea of what was happening to it.  The witch Keena took the body of the little familiar after the battle and decided on reincarnating the creature the following day.

Well, that happened last game night and to see what happened to the cute little pussy cat I broke out my reincarnation chart and got Keena’s player to rattle the bones.  it came up a rat folk which I thought was deliciously ironic (was a cat, is now a rat).  I am building her as an NPC and will have her follow around Keena for some time until she feels that she has done enough to thank her for bringing her back into the world of the living.

I would like you to tell me of stories of unexpected NPC’s that have dropped into your lap from your games and your players.  Let me know in the comments as I think these unexpected results is a huge amount of where my enjoyment comes from.  Play to learn what happens.  Keep rolling 🙂

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