Tabletop Connect: Virtual Tabletop

It is another virtual tabletop!  I can’t review this because it is not out yet but I do know a bit about it as I have been talking to +Carl Pinder  who has been working with it for a little bit of time now.  He is designing this with Unity Pro for those of you that are technically minded and is looking to release this onto a Windows and Mac platform.  Thanks Carl for giving my Mac the pleasure.  I also saw a conversation today that there is an unsupported Linux version available (stress unsupported) for those who back it on Kickstarter.

A screenshot!

OK, which may be a bit of a giveaway as to why I can’t review this system yet.  It is up for a Kickstarter and a release pretty much a year from now.  But Carl has given us a good idea on what this baby will be capable of via a YouTube video which I will show here.

The above video is around a minute long and was the first look video for the product.

While the above is a fuller video that has me giddy with anticipation.  I can use giddy.  It is a manly giddy!

So, have a look at these videos and then if you like what you see come join me in backing it!  Let us get some quality software out there for us all!  The link to the Kickstarter is here.  I believe at the time of this writing (25 August 2013 Australian Time) the Kickstarter has been active for less than a day (I have been searching daily since +Carl Pinder teased us by saying all he had to do was press the green button).  So get on board and keep rolling!

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