Teaching’s Big Break

Well, yesterday was the last day at my “big” job of teaching until 28 January 2014.  I now have some time to myself to get all those jobs done that I have been wanting to do for a while.  A lot of this revolves around my gaming life, though paradoxically I will not be doing much actual gaming in the next month or so.  So what have I got planned for the next month?  Read on!

Sitting at the service station pondering the next month…

In the lead up to Christmas I intend to finalise my Classic Traveller tool.  Progress on it got interrupted as I began the process of migrating to my new computer and as I have had some issues with the new machine I have not gotten back to the programming with it.  The tool currently has a working Planet Generator and Merchant trade system and I then need to implement a character generator interface into it.  That sounds like a lot of work but in reality the Traveller character generation system is pretty straight forward and should take about the time I have to Christmas to implement.  The initial presentation is likely to be a bit basic but that is where I will spend my time in developing the application once it is usable and released to my players (and you) for use.

Christmas and New Years is a busy period for everyone and it is why I put a hold on gaming for a good month at this time of year.  It is better to spend time with your family than to be pushing for time with games.  I might run one or two sessions in person but all of my on line games get held over this period to early/mid January.  For me, we are Christmasing at home.  My Father is coming over from Adelaide to have Christmas with his sister so he will drop in a few days before Christmas and we will have mini Christmas then so he and his wife can see my kids open his presents.  On Christmas eve I am booked in to be Santa at the servo I normally work Saturdays for as I am the right build and did it for the first time last year.  Apparently the feedback was good so I am it again this year.  New Years eve I have nothing really planned.  We normally spend it outside with a bonfire, a few drinks and anyone that wants to come and share the fire with us.  I can’t see that there will be much difference this year.

The only other occasion for the period is my 40th birthday just before I go back to work.  The 26th January is the date when I will be BBQing up a storm and anyone who wants will be helping me celebrate by having a drink or two.  I will likely also set up some kind of webcam and attach it to the blog so you can check in and watch proceedings as we go.  I am investigating the options in the next week or so.

Have a great break people!

January itself will be a mixture of things.  I have some course development that I want to get ready for my classes next year that will be a progressive thing.  Gaming wise I intend to put the changes to Detritus that I have been wanting to make before releasing the test set to some gamers to trial.  Once at that point I am hoping to build up the PDF version for release once I collate some feedback from play tests and adjust the game!  When I started this journey I thought it would be a nice, tight and clean process but I have really changed the game from its initial concept to the final version I will be working up soon.

Also during this period I will be trying to clean up some chapters on my book about GMing where I have taken a lot of the posts that I have made on my blog and am trying to collate them into a readable book to offer to the readers.  I have had Chapter 1 out to comment mid to late last year and got some really good feedback.  From the feedback I got though I realised that this job is a larger one than first anticipated also!  Such is life.

Anyhow, those are my plans before my work and study kick off again next year.  I thought I would get this post in as I sit at the service station for the day.  I want to wish all of you a safe and great holiday season.  I hope that the new year brings you exactly what you want and deserve.  Until next time, keep rolling!

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