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Hi all.  Big day.

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Been to the bank and put in all the paperwork.  It may work out with this bank or the next bank as this one was a bit funny about the way I wanted to borrow the money.

But I have had questions about plans and things.  I have no problem supplying these so here, without the financial sheets from the accountant because I realised there were a few errors in a couple of sections that I need to fix.

So here is the Business plan for Games On Board if you are keen have a look!

Thanks for the help and the interest!


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  1. Hola Mark!
    Id take out things like (p22) “I am imagining”, (p13) “I would be targeting” you want to pay a business loan back much faster than a home loan so lose the 10year goal. Some typos like Decemder, p13 has an unfinished sentence. p3 has template material still in place
    I wouldnt indicate a willingness to source the funds from family and friends as the bank may push that on you and offer you partial funding only. if you go with the mortgage the bank is most likely to fund you.
    I think you have underestimated the staffing requirements.
    The rent is freaking awesome.
    You mention barista but no mention (that I could find) of coffee etc. You have to sell drinks. Its easy, its cheap, it keeps people in store. I dunno about storing peoples mugs, all sorts of potential issues.

    Good luck man! Do well!


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