The Sage’s Shield : An Inn for your campaign

The Sage’s Shield

Sage's Shield
The Sage’s Shield First Floor
Location On Scepter Road, near a tree-lined canal. It stands adjacent to a library of omens and portents.
Description The inn is a two-storey timber and brick building, with a white tile roof. It was once a barracks, and has a collection of arms and armor. Accommodations consist of a mezzanine with several wooden cots.
Innkeeper The innkeeper is a willowy male human named Brendel Stryx (click link for Pathfinder stats).
  1. Ukar: Male Dwarf Merchant, Neutral. Ukar has red hair, sharp green eyes, and a flat nose. He wears modest garments and riding boots. Ukar has problems with his cussing and swears inappropriately, often.
  2. Hony Anen: Male Human Peasant, Neutral. Hony has uneven black hair and dark brown eyes. He is tactless and craven. Hony seeks a party to hunt down and kill Meta the Arcane.
  3. Lany Garray: Male Halfling Peasant, Neutral. Lany has red hair and soft blue eyes. He wears modest garments and a wide-brimmed hat. Lany suffers a deadly allergy to wasps and bees.
  4. Wene Woodaye: Female Human Entertainer, Neutral. Wene has straight blonde hair and gray eyes, and prominent ears. She wears modest garments and several pouches hang from her belt.
  1. A secret elven citadel lies deep within the Gabilgath Highlands
  2. The town guards wear helmets to hide the cultist tattoos on their heads
  3. The goblins of the Well of Creation are as strong as giants
  4. The stone gargoyles of the Citadel of Lord Greywulf come to life at night
  5. The dragon Samsudu has laid ruin to Sword Tomb


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