The Skinsaw Murders Are A Wrap

Last night saw the end of the second module in the Rise of the Runelords which means I am back in the GM seat next week with the Skull and Shackles.  I am going to say that I have had a ball playing for a while.  I have really forgotten what fun it can be as a player.  In fact I soon learnt to let go of the finer detail, be happy to allow things to happen around me.  Last nights game was sold as half a session (I was meant to take over halfway) but it took us all night to get through with some fantastic ad libbing in the middle that gave three of the characters a time to shine.

Time to sit behind the screen again

Last night we made our way from a sawmill where we basically killed everyone when they turned on us and we really had no idea where to go next.  I did a bit of selling of some items and managed to get 5000 gp for a few masks and paid one of the players 500 gp to come with me as a bodyguard.  Funnily enough no one complained about this so I happily held on to the cash.  We did get jumped by a flesh golem on the way back from the Shadows though so I suppose he earned his money even though my Eidolon did a lot of the work.  The flesh golem really did do a number on the Inquisitor that was with me.

We then got arrested in the morning for killing the Justice at the Sawmill.  The bard of the party used her abilities to get out of the arrest but three of us went willingly and they one at a time questioned us over the murder of the Justice.  This took some time but it was fun and highlighted the difference between us all.

Coltyn, the Tom Baker of the Halfling world

At first, the human fighter Talon was questioned and he fully admitted to killing the Justice.  He full on pushed the point making sure they recorded down that he drew the killing stroke.  He mentioned that we were acting in self defence in passing but stressed that it was him that did this specific kill.  The half-orc inquisitor Kaltar was next and he treated it as an opportunity to talk from one law dealer to another.  He spent his time explaining the occurrences from a legal perspective and querying the legitimacy of some of the practices of the legal team that had us in custody.  And then there was Coltyn, my halfling summoner.  He only outright lied three times but never told the full truth or gave reasons for anything.  He kept many things secret even though he knew in all likelihood that they already knew a lot.  Regardless, he never surrendered a secret willingly unless he had been completely caught in the lie.

After our questioning Kaltar was approached and advised that none of us would be charged but we would need to stay imprisoned for three days.  My halfling had his Eidolon break the cell door and refused to cooperate (putting food trays in the back corner, threatening everyone).  Eventually we were let out with a warning and some information.  After going through our belongings and reading a journal we were having trouble deciphering they gave us the location of the being that had been pulling the strings behind the murders.  A clock tower in the Shadow district.

Grell the legend

We arrived and started heading up the stairs.  Grell flew to the top and waited for us but by doing this triggered the dropping of a bell by some creatures in the clock tower.  My Halfling just managed to avoid being hit but it collected Talon on the way down who took a massive amount of damage.  Grell then started moving systematically through the creatures.  He then took flight out of the clock tower to the top.  When he got there he got struck by the invisible Lamia who critical hit him and sent him dazed toward the ground.

Needless to say, the end battle was vicious and though Grell got saved from that fall he went back to fight her only to get turned to stone in the long run and Coltyn had to make do with a Grizzly Bear (and they suck compared to Grell).  Luckily our fighter made it up from the bottom of the stairs to come in and chop the evil snake woman into tiny little cubes.  Finally released from stone I recalled Grell and we looted the place.  A HUGE amount of treasure was to be had which topped off a great night.

She is about to wear a storm…

Next week we move back to the Skull and Shackles game and on to the second module called Raiders of the Fever Sea.  The players now have themselves a ship but they now need to prove that they are worthy to ply the same waters as the pirates in the Shackles.  they need to build a reputation, earn some infamy, find some plunder and most of all have their ship squibbed to ensure Captain Barnabas Harrigan doesn’t simply track them down and kill them for stealing his ship.  The players are keen to get their evil on and I am looking forward to running the series again.

One of the cool parts of this is the “mini game” that is part of the Skull and Shackles Play Guide that introduces ship to ship chases and capture.  The mini game handles the chase and then you switch to the action on my bigger ship props for the in character battles.  Little do the players know though is that while I type these words I am actually secretly creating two more very cool props that will blow their mind and make the mini game very memorable for them all!

So my young riggers!  Join us next week around this time to find out how the pirates fare in finding a spot to squib their ship!  Are they captured, hung drawn and quartered or do they finally get the respect they deserve!  We will see, but until then, keep rolling!

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