The Students Did Some Noob D&D – Now What Will I Do?

Are you a teacher and want to torment some students.  Are you just in the mood to do something funny to a bunch of idiots that did some noob D&D?  Well, I offer you the chance today!

Yesterday, in the D&D 5E game that I run for my students they came across a strange tile in a dungeon passageway.  The tile appeared to have the map of a labyrinth on it and sat directly in their path with the corridor continuing on past it.  The party was split in two at this stage (the second group was around five rounds behind them).  The two that found it decided to step on it.  The first one did and disappeared (teleported to another layer of the dungeon) so his companion followed him in.

DnD Player's handbook cover
The DnD Player’s Handbook

The other three members of the party came around the corner on the scene and the noble barbarian warned his companions to step over it and did that.  The two with him then took turns in jumping on the teleporter.  The barbarian yelled at them that they were “F&^%^%% idiots” and continued along the path, deciding to go solo in the dungeon.

The rest of the party, arrived one at a time over a period of six rounds into a room that was about 100′ by 100′ that contained three Carrion Crawlers.  One by one the group were either paralyzed or knocked unconscious by these relentless creatures!  In around 7 rounds it was over.  They were all unconscious and/or dead but I told them that they may not be, they would find out next game.

What they did was a noob mistake.  A teleporting tile – this must be fun!  But lets face it, seasoned adventures would be now travelling with the Barbarian going “No way I am jumping on that!”  I could kill them, but it could make it just that little bit more interesting if I did something else.  Give them a chance to learn, grow and make the plot a fun thing (as up until now it has been very dungeon crawl based).  This is the group that I started in my Tomb of a Ghast Queen free adventure.

So, because I forgot about my survey tool, I am going to use it again here to get your responses to what should I do to the Noobs?  Please vote and shape the direction of my campaign!

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  1. They should be eaten by the carrion crawlers because that’s what carrion crawlers do as unintelligent creatures. Consequences should flow from what has happened, and giving them plot immunity and rescuing them will really subtract from their later (if any) victories and set a bad precedent.

    Especially for a dungeon crawl.


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