The Walking Dead

About three months ago I was talking to someone about the game I am making and how I want the players to feel when they were playing it.  What experience I wanted them to have.  Well, that person asked me if I had seen any of The Walking Dead or read the Graphic novels etc.  I did have a friend that had been watching it and it sounded interesting but every time I went to the Blu Ray store (or anywhere that stocks them) the first series was always $35 and I was in no way spending that much.

I had purchased the Playstation 3 (PS3) game of the same name which is apparently more based on the graphic novels rather than the TV show and had played a small amount of it.  I very rarely ever get time to play video games these days.  So I mentioned this to my wife a few weeks back and she asked if I had checked the internet to see if it is cheaper.  Now just before you all bestow the benefits of torrents and stuff I am a believer of paying for things like this and never pirate material.  I went to eBay and found the first and second season on Blu Ray in one pack for $45 so I picked it up.

Zombie goodness inside should be the sign…

It arrived last week (on Monday) but it has taken me this weekend to actually get the disc into the player.  Wow!  What a TV series!  My wife who HATES zombies and horror and all that goodness has sat with me today transfixed by what is so much more than a series about zombies.  Instead it is a series about people and their struggles.  Their humanity.  So, there you are.  I love this series.  We have watched all of season 1 and are into the second series now.

But my discovery of this gem is not the purpose of this blog.  For those of you that are familiar with the series, what system do you think would lend itself to a game version.  It is similar to what I want to achieve in Detritus but I am keen to know what systems people would apply to play this game.  I know over on Kickstarter there is an I Am Zombie game that has just been funded but really?  I looked at it and am assaulted by a zombie stripper or something as the main art.  Give me some credit.  So I do not think that is the system I will be using!

So what should I use.  The immediate thought for me was Fate Core and I know some of you out there have built a zombie game using this system.  How did it go?  Were the players sweating on every piece of ammo they used?  Or has someone used a better system to do this?  I want to hear from you.  I am not sure I would like to do a zombie game but I am certainly interested in those that have and the systems that they used for it.  That is the kind of information that will help me make some further developments in Detritus.  Let me know in the comments!  Thanks for reading and keep rolling!

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