The Week Ahead and L.U.G.Con Baby!

Well, it has been a long weekend here in Australia and I planned to be on top of everything that I had to do for L.U.G.Con and the truth is I am not.  It is Tuesday and my first game is on Friday night with Edge of Space being the game that I kick things off with.

My weapon of choice 🙂

Edge of Space is a neat little fun game that seems to be a bit of a tribute to the Aliens universe (though by no means does it restrict itself to there) as the rulebook is littered with references straight out of the Alien movies.  Character generation is fun and fast meaning we will be in the game in likely under 10 minutes.  The ruleset is also very light and allows for some fast paced action and role playing that makes me confident that we should be able to get through the module that is slightly longer than the rulebook in no time at all.

In space everyone can hear your mini-gun!

I am running two identical Pathfinder games set in the land of Kaidan and it is this that will occupy most of my time this week.  I want to give a good range of NPC’s for selection to the players BUT I have only 2 of the 8 that I plan to make created at the moment.  I have to knuckle down today and get that figure up to at least 6 by the end of today.  Luckily most of the online roll20 content is now in place for this game with only a couple of tokens remaining for me to create and place on the maps.

Finally, I am running a game of Detritus.  This is my game in development and it is a work I am becoming increasingly proud of.  I have a few people signed up for this and I have some pre-generated characters ready but I have not yet ventured into the wonderful world of roll20 to set anything up.  Honestly I am not sure I want to rely on roll20 too heavily for this game as I am trying to steer the whole game away from a miniature representation.  Though if I can spend the time I want to on the game in roll20 I can really hammer home the look and feel I am trying to get on this game.

The Pathfinder game is looking very cool

So, I have a busy week again!  My focus is on L.U.G.Con and all games for the week that I normally run have been cancelled to enable this.  I will progressively be getting in contact with the players of the games to get them ready by choosing characters and giving them a little pre game blurb in written form also.  In fact those blurbs may be included here on the blog for all to see just in case you were wavering on going to one of my games or not…

If you have not yet checked out L.U.G.Con and you are a gamer with little going on this weekend and have some time to burn look here and sign up to some games.  Apparently there are at least 25 games going on between the 14th and 16th of June so surely there will be something there to suit your tastes, even if it is not one of my games!

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