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There have always been a few RPG items that I would love to have in hard copy.  I am not a big fan of reading PDF’s as I am old and my eyes get strained and I use an iPad mini so things are that little bit smaller.  What that means is when I am buying a product I am always a little more interested if there is the option of getting it in hard copy.  That list of wanted books lives in the back of my head and when I get a little bit of money spare I will strike.  Well, as I have been running a business for the past couple of years spare money has been a dream, but as I reemerge as a wage slave little bits pop up here and there.  This week saw the arrival of one of these books that have been on my bucket list for some time.

Many years ago I did a review of a game that I picked up in a humble bundle.  I fell in love with the way that this game was made.  It was Kevin Crawford’s Stars Without Number.  One thing that has made me exceptionally happy about this purchase is I managed to get the Revised edition. This new edition had come out and I am so happy my lack of cash until now means that I could pick it up.  I had been reading the PDF that I picked up with the purchase, but when the hardcopy arrived I have hardly put it down.  I am deep in making a system for me to run some games in and am having a ball.

My new hard copy version of this awesome game!

I have been a bit silent of late but I just thought that you should all know that it is because of this book!  You can expect some new posts soon updating my review and listing the bits and pieces of the system that I am building.  I grabbed the deluxe version in hardback with the super duper printing and it is a prize that I will treasure for some time to come.  So be prepared for more information on this and wish me well as I journey into this awesome game again!  And keep on rolling.

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