Time To Hone My Skills

Come tell a tale or two 🙂

An interesting offer came across my email this week with the offer of entering a free university course online detailing story telling.  Now I am not saying I am not busy enough already but this actually looks interesting.  Click on this link to go have a look at the details.

I love this idea and I am all for free, open, online learning opportunities.  Plus the fact that it is all to do with storytelling as well.  It will improve my games, my writing and my appreciation of the skill behind the art of storytelling.  I have studied this material at a different University before and I do work at my own story telling ability but it is a great idea to get involved with a new outlook and also involving yourself in a community of people who all want to do the same thing.

So, I put this up for those of you that read the blog and who want to become involved as well.  It is a worldwide offer and they are keen to get the course out there and a success.

Hopefully I will see you on campus!  Keep rolling.

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