Tomb of the Ghast Queen: A 0 Level Funnel

After putting out my free adventure, Tomb of the Ghast Queen late this week I had a comment on the post about how it would be a great adventure for Dungeon Crawl Classics as a 0 level funnel adventure.  Talk about a slap the forehead moment!  The whole premise is perfect for it.  But there needed to be more work done to it.

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This morning I have sat down and done that to the adventure.  I fleshed out the background, I made the dungeon deadlier, I created some stat blocks and I made it all a lot prettier for DCC.  I did this largely because DCC is probably my favourite system for fantasy and the idea that the players are 0 level plebs just makes this adventure so much more exciting!

So I think I have worked many of the initial problems to the adventure and I really feel like this version is my favourite.  I like the ideas of it being a 0 level funnel as opposed to skilled adventurers that were prisoners to start with.  This will shape them and have them come out of the Tomb ready for adventuring and to take on a wider role in the world.  Please enjoy this free adventure by downloading Tomb of the Ghast Queen DCC the much changed adventure (for the better!)

Keep rolling!


  1. Looks good! I especially like the living aspect of the dungeon, i.e., the fact that it’s a crypt and yet it is actively tended by an outside force, the queen. Any number of modifications could be made that wouldn’t make sense in a dungeon left unattended for centuries, e.g., living monsters, but would make perfect sense in a gauntlet used as part of the “justice” system of a kingdom.


  2. I both love this and hate this.

    I wouldn’t want to confuse new DCC players with the idea that it’s useful to intentionally kill off their own level 0 characters. There might be a bunch of confusion over how survivability will work.

    I also kind of hate the idea of killing off some of my level 0 schmoes who happen to survive till the end.

    But also I kind of love how evil it is.


  3. Ran this for my son and a friend of his last weekend. Tons of fun, even though it ended in a TPK. (It didn’t help that 5 of 8 characters had only 1 hp, or that they split the party right at room 1.) The toad people did them in, with 2 characters on the verge of leveling.

    I threw in a shield and a corpse in leather armor buried in the rubble, which helped a bit or prolonged the agony, depending on your point of view.

    Thanks for a highly entertaining module!


    1. Thanks for the feedback. I am glad you enjoyed it!


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