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I am afraid that I am a little scatterbrained when it comes to picking a game to play.  I mean, how do you choose when there are so many fantastic games out there today.  Sometimes I just wish that I had never scratched the surface and found out what existed beyond D&D.  After all, when I was introduced to Pathfinder I thought it was some hidden secret (Tasmania is not known for variety in games).

I am totally thrilled to have started this blog.  It gives me the chance to present some of these games to you and also to be involved in the community who often mention things in their comments that lead me on to a new game.  As well as that there are the publishers that see my blog as a viable place to offer reviews for their products.  Of note recently is Monte Cook Games with their Cypher System rules that we will have a review out for in the next day or so.

still alive
Just want to share some joy today!

What are the highlights for me from the two or three years of sitting (almost daily) at my various keyboards and writing this material.  I am going to give you my Top 10 moments that I have had to date at the blog.

Number 10 is

I love this blog because I am free to be the nerd I am.  The idea that I could share this sort of stuff when I first started gaming would have been laughable.  Now though I am accepted for it and have also had the blog open opportunities for me to further my nerdiness!

Number 9 is

Every comment or response that I get that makes me find something new.  I have had a career of around 30 years of gaming and I am surprised by the frequency of times I do this from the comments I get from you, the reader!  You make my gaming and games better.

Number 8 is

Michtim.  One word RPG that is the game that I chose to introduce my son to role playing games.  I stand by this decision 100% as it stands.  It is a beautiful game that shows how to role play as well as promote the fact that our life is an emotional one and it pays to embrace those emotions.  I do not want my son to grow up bigoted in any way and this is the all inclusive game that highlights the ideals I want for him.  Georg Mir, the genius behind this game, often thanks me for the support I have given his game but in reality I should thank him every time I game with my son and take pride in the way that he is slowly becoming a man.

Number 7 is

FATE core.  A brilliant universal system, though will the cypher system win me over when I get my hard copy?  Unfortunately I was unable to spend the time reading the review copy due to real life commitments over the past couple of weeks so Cameron Corniuk has written the review that will soon be out.  I am dying to read about it (plus get my hardcopy – not long now).

Back to FATE though – I fell into this game accidentally and it exists under my skin now.  I have read the core book over four times cover to cover because it is so well written and there are some fantastic supplements to it.  Take for example Ehdrigohr which promises to be one of the most beautiful and story bound settings I have purchased.

Number 6 is

Dungeon Crawl Classics.  If it had not been for a game of Hulks and Horrors (funnily enough) that I played with Duncan McPhedran then I never would really have been turned on to this game.  I love it.  Honestly, without a hesitation, my favourite fantasy game of all time.

Number 5 is

Finding online conventions.  I don’t often participate, but when I do I generally go hard and have so much fun!

Number 4 is

Getting involved in so many cool games – by way of running them or playing in other peoples.  Hat tip to Christoper Hardy, Cameron Corniuk, Andrew Raphael, Dan Hall and others for the wonderful games that I have been involved in as a player, allowing me to ease up on the GMing for a little while.

Number 3 is

Becoming a published author for an RPG in the form of Lords of Gossamer and Shadow.  It is not out quite yet but it is not far away and the work that I put into my Lords of Gossamer and Shadow NPC’s a couple of years ago was seen and taken on by the publisher to give me my first ever published work that I am very, very proud of.

Number 2 is …

I have made friends here.  Real friends.  One of my players in my online game turned up to my fortieth birthday and I realised that all of those people that I interact with regularly as writers at my blog, gamers at my table and other bloggers/mappers/writers/gamers that I turn to for help are my friends.  I have cried with and laughed with so many new friends that has really shown me how great this community is.

Number 1 is …

You, the readers.  Honestly, I have met so many people that I have not “met” in person that have just opened my eyes to a world of possibilities.  I have interacted with people that were “famous” in the community and I never knew it until after the fact, and all of those that are not famous but still open my eyes every day.  I do this largely for all of you who keep reading the blog.  Every time I read “Hi, I have read your blog for a while now and…” just makes my day and makes it all really worthwhile.

Thanks all, keep rolling!

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