Two Great Days of Pathfinder!

Wow, I have just had the best couple of days with Pathfinder.  I can not thank +Cam Mcloughlin enough for bringing me to this system.  It has inspired a couple of years of fantastic games that just keep getting better.

My Core Pathfinder collection.  I have a bunch of adventure
path modules and other books as well 🙂

Firstly, I know I write a lot of generic stuff and about other systems, however Pathfinder is the game I play the most.  I tend to make house rules around things I like from other systems and port them in to my Pathfinder game.  The feel of the world, the logic of the system and the classes just seem to resonate with me.  Is it a perfect system? No.  It is rules heavy and at times it is frustrating having to search for rules you know you read once but aren’t sure in what book.  I am sure this is more frustrating for those people that use the books when gaming.  I have a searchable iPad app that makes this more of a nuisance than a full on pain in the rear.  I am also still open to other systems.  If nothing else, the past few months has told me there are a lot of good systems out there being played regularly that I have never heard of.  So when you come to this blog at I want you to think of me as someone who loves all games, and talks about all games, but plays Pathfinder the most.

Reign of Winter module 3 is a long way off
yet but I got it in the mail this week!

If you had any thought that I am in any way connected to Paizo, think again.  I am just a guy who is a fan who happened to find out that this web address was available!  Lucky break I guess.  So never fear, I will always tell it to you straight when I am having fun with this game and when there are things that annoying me.  At the moment though I am having a blast.  The first super cool thing that happened to me that is Pathfinder related was my inclusion into the Iron Tavern blog as one of the new guest bloggers.  The gent who runs it has asked me to fill a hole by writing about Pathfinder amongst other things as well as the onset of DnD Next which I am curious about.  Still, I am the Monday blogger and my first blog came out last Monday and I received a good level of positive comments over on the blog.

Monday evening is when I run my online Pathfinder campaign for the adventure path “Reign of Winter” produced by Paizo.  As I run this using the roll 20 system on a Google Plus hangout I decided to live stream for the first time ever to my blog.  It worked really well AND was a great game.  Only three of the regulars were able to play so I was a little bit worried for them but then we just had a blast roleplaying.  We really got to flesh out what was happening here and get some meat on the story’s bones.  Plus one of my friends +Jonathan Henry joined in and cameoed a couple of my NPC’s for me in a fantastic manner.  If you didn’t watch it please do and listen out for the “underwater basket weaver”.  It is priceless.  The video can be accessed from this page of the blog or you can go hunting for it on Youtube.

The naval battle begins!

So Tuesday night (last night) we played my in-person game of Pathfinder.  I do intend one day taking the video camera along and recording a session to be put up on Youtube for prosperity but I am yet to get the camera charged.  Anyhow, last night was a special night for the group as I finally introduced the boat that I made for their ship into the module.  The game is from the adventure path “Skull and Shackles” made by Paizo and we have been playing the first module for about a month now.  They finally reached the twentieth day on board ship and spotted a sail on the horizon which the captain chased and boarded in the crescendo of the game last night.  A bit of intense ship to ship action (with a brief stint in the ocean with some sharks for one of them) capped off a great game as the players boarded their first three dimensional ship in the game.

Time to board!

The ship was not the only great thing about last nights game but also the roleplaying was fantastic!  The inter character play was at an all time high as the tension of being put down all the time began to eat at them.  There was an attempted framing of the NPC’s that are ruthlessly driving them into the ground and there was a great amount of bringing the NPC sailors slowly over to the side of the players.  In fact last night saw the first time ever in the game that a hostile NPC was bought over to a friendly state with the players.  Having levelled the game before as well caught the players a little by surprise as their jobs on the ship seemed to become so much easier with a few well place skill points.  I am eagerly looking forward to the next phase of this game that is leading the players to taking control of their own ship.

The ship is theirs! Time to party!

So, there you have it.  Two days of great roleplaying with Pathfinder (not to mention the blog).  It is testament to the game that I did little preparation for both of those games, relying on the modules and rules of the game to keep it on track.  This is a mark of a great game, that with little preparation and a pre printed module you can have just as much fun as a home brew campaign.  I know any game is only as good as its players but I have played many games where I have had to work my ass off for any of us to have fun (and I can tell you the PC’s were but I wasn’t).  So the moral here is though many people will stick with what they know because it is what they know.  try to be open minded, try new things and you will find a system that just works with you.  It might be Pathfinder, it might be Fate Core, it might be D&D 4th Edition, it might be Lords of Gossamer and Light, it might be Rifts or Heroes or Traveller or Atomic Highway.  To find it though you have to play it so get out there, game and find the game of best fit for you.

But what is more, once you do find that game, keep an open mind.  Keep an interest in what is happening in the community and what games are being played online or in your area.  You never know, the game that is the best fit for you now may not be the game you are playing in a week, a month, a year!  It is getting more and more accessible to game and get a hold of systems, so take advantage of it and most of all, have fun!

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