Vast : RPG a Day 2019

Vast can only mean one thing to me – and that is space.  I love a good role-playing game set in space and have played so many of them in my time.  What is it that attracts me to this type of game?  Who knows?  It is probably the endless possibilities that space can offer up!


There is so much out in the black that we do not yet know about.  It is a vast space in which anything could happen!  I think that is the drawcard for me.  With Traveller it is the pure sandbox of it all.  If I want to play something with a tight story in space on a vast scale it is Era.  I have run space games in Cypher and FATE also and they all just thrive in this setting.  And by setting, it can be anything at all!  As much as I disliked Star Trek, you have to give it kudos for showing the breadth of what may be out there.  Wild planets filled with vicious life to primitive lifeforms.  It just excites me!

So in short, when I hear the word vast I always think of space games.  There are so many systems out there set in space, get a hold of one and keep rolling!

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  1. I’ve hardly played any space games, which is a shame because I love sci fi and there’s so many interesting directions to take a story set in space


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