Want to Play Numenera?

Hi all, here is a short video (this one is around 10 minutes) describing a one shot of Numenera I am going to run on Wednesday 17 December at 8 PM GMT +11.  I am taking 5 people for the game so watch and if you want to, drop your name into comments with the requested details!

Name is a Descriptor Type who Focus

This is what a character description looks like – the italicised portions need replacing.


  • Glaive
  • Jack
  • Nano


  • Charming
  • Clever
  • Graceful
  • Intelligent
  • Learned
  • Mystical
  • Mechanical
  • Rugged
  • Stealthy
  • Strong
  • Strong-Willed
  • Swift
  • Tough


  • Bears a halo of fire
  • Carries a quiver
  • Commands mental powers
  • Controls beasts
  • Controls gravity
  • Crafts illusions
  • Crafts unique objects
  • Employs magnetism
  • Entertains
  • Exists partially out of phase
  • Explores dark places
  • Fights with panache
  • Focuses mind over matter
  • Fuses flesh and steel
  • Howls at the moon
  • Hunts with great skill
  • Leads
  • Lives in the wilderness
  • Masters defence
  • Masters weaponry
  • Murders
  • Rages
  • Rides the lightning
  • Talks to machines
  • Wears a sheen of ice
  • Wields power with precision
  • Wields two weapons at once
  • Works miracles
  • Works back alleys
pedagogy and RPGs
The educators copy of Numenera I received from Monte Cook Games


  1. Ankrauser

    Type: Jack

    Descriptor: Strong Willed

    Focus: Employs Magnetism


    1. Err let me change the strong willed into clever please


  2. Name: Grundel
    Type: Glaive
    Descriptor: Tough
    Focus: Masters Weaponry


  3. I would like to play!

    I have chosen a character, Venn Gramma, a Mechanical Nano – who Talks to machines.
    I have already chosen almost everything for Venn except a Connection and equipment. And the Talks to Machines options.


    1. Hey Ken, can you send me what you have come up with so I do not double up?


  4. Name: Cairena
    Type: Glaive
    Descriptor: Swift
    Focus: Wields Two Weapons

    Was thinking a bit Indiana Jones style, whip and gun type deal.


  5. Name: Uder
    Type: Glaive
    Descriptor: Strong
    Focus: Fuses Flesh and Steel

    One big intimidating (but not too bright) brute. Loyal to his connection.


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