Welcome to the 21st Century Mr. Knights

I am going on a new adventure.

I am going on a new adventure because I love role playing games.

I am, in real life, a teacher which means I am gifted with a goodly amount of holidays.  Normally during holidays we play role playing games a lot.  A huge amount in fact.  But the past holidays it seemed to be all a little to hard for my regular group to play a lot and I got irritable about it.

As an aside, this is a grossly unfair statement for me to make as not only was it the holiday season but one of my mates in the group also moved which stole huge chunks of time.

The new adventure path from
paizo.com is awesome!

However, as unfair as the statement was, I was irritable about so little gaming.  So when I recently found the existence of tabletop role playing communities on Google plus I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  Here were role players organising games on line via video chat as well as discussing all things roleplaying.  It took me no time at all to get involved in the conversations that were there but it has taken me until this weekend to join a game via video link as a trial.

Hence my new adventure.  It is a play test, which is good as there is no longer term commitment.  This is a good thing as it is an experiment for me to see how it works online as I have offered to run a Pathfinder adventure path online through the Asia Pacific Google Plus Tabletop Gaming community.  This has come about as I have read the new module in the new Adventure Path for Pathfinder and I love it.

This had me torn, do I break all my in person players hearts by pulling the pirate campaign and run the new one?  Well, the answer is obviously no, as I love the story of the Skull and Shackles adventure path and I am heavily committed to it already, both financially and mentally.  But can I wait another year to run the path? NO!

So, I was faced with the choice this week of perhaps starting a new group to feed my addiction!  I have been attending a gaming club to play Magic the Gathering with my children but they role play there too.  I don’t like the environment for role playing though as it is too open and not intimate enough as onlookers often interrupt the game.  So I finally decided to give this online game thing a try.  Tomorrow mornings game will see me up at 8 a.m. ready to role play in the play-test for a Barebones RPG super hero game based with the GM in America namely +Christopher Hardy .  From this I will get the sense and feel of the space for my own game and get to work on how I will use the space for myself as well as helping him with the play test.

Staring into the 21st Century of online role playing 🙂

I have three players signed up for my online game already and I am planning to start it within the month, after character sessions are done etc. Hopefully I will pick up another two before play begins and the game will run well, giving me the gaming that I need to feed the addiction and getting to play the fantastic adventure path.

I do have one last confession to make also…

I am so addicted I have actually signed up to play in another Pathfinder campaign as a player over video in +Roger Lante game of Rise of the Runelords. Sweet!  I have even convinced one of my in person players to come to the dark side with me.  Well done +Cam Mcloughlin !

Welcome to the 21st Century indeed Mr. Knights!

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