Win A One Off Game Run By Me

October the 30th sees the one year anniversary of The Pathfinder Chronicles blog and to celebrate I am going to give away what I can, and that is me running a game for one of you!  I would have loved to give away some books but I have overspent the old gaming budget for the month on virtual tabletops and map making books.

What is on offer? A one session game via hangout in a system of your choice.  The adventure will be tailored to you and your group of friends that you want to invite.  I will make it an on-air event (if you are OK with that) and record the session for posterity and put it on the blog.  Remember, it will be in a system of your choice.

So what do you need to do to make this happen?  First, +1 this original post and then share this post to your friends, communities and other games.  When you share it, put a message on it explaining why you like my blog and how it has been valuable to you in the past twelve months!  Make sure you share from the original post in G+ though or I may not get notification of the share.  The more shares, the more entries you will receive!

I will post the winner of the competition at noon on 31 October 2013 Australian Eastern Standard Summer time.  If you enter I wish you luck.  If you don’t that is all good.  Thanks for reading the blog over the past year and, keep rolling!

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